1. Which are the requirements to join Affilia-Net as an affiliate?

To join Affilia-Net you simply need to create an account here and have traffic to refer to one or several of the various campaigns we offer, whether it’s traffic coming from a website, blog, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Base of Data, Social Networks, an App, among others.

2. Do I have to pay any membership?

There is no cost to join the affiliate network of Affilia-Net affiliate. It’s totally free!

3. How do I start promoting the different campaigns?

You must enter to your affiliate account with Affilia-Net, go to the campaign section and apply to the campaign (s) for which you have the traffic. Once we have approved the campaigns, you will have access to the marketing material of these to start promoting them (text links, banners, mailers, among others).

4. Can I promote all the campaigns available in the platform?

Yes, as long as you have the traffic for each of the campaigns, in order to guarantee a good conversion and at the same time guarantee a good traffic quality.

5. What is a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition / Action)?

A CPA agreement is a commission model that pays a fixed rate for a series of actions that the referred player / client must perform. For example, register an account, make an income, bet / play an amount already established.

It should be noted that the conditions of each CPA agreement vary in each campaign, as well as the amount that will be paid.

6. What is a Revenue Share (Rev Share) agreement?

This commission model is where a percentage of the net income generated by the referred player / client is shared.

7. What is a CPL (Cost Per Lead) agreement?

The CPL agreement pays for each potential player / client that registers / creates an account.

8. What is a Hybrid agreement?

A Hybrid agreement is a combination of a CPA + Rev Share or CPL + Rev Share.

9. If I have different ways / channels to promote the campaigns, is it necessary to create an affiliate account for each of them?

It is not necessary to create different affiliate accounts. In order to monitor your traffic, you can create sub-ids on Affilia-Net’s platform.

10. Which are the payment methods available?

Affilia-Net offers a wide variety of payment methods to choose from, such as bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal.

11. Which are the charges for commission payments?

Each payment method carries a charge, which is the charge charged by each entity. For example:

12. When are the commissions paid?

Affilia-Net makes a monthly payment of the commissions, which is made in the last week of each month. It should be noted that only the commissions that have already been paid by our partners / advertisers will be paid.

13. What is necessary for my brand to be promoted in the Affilia-Net network?

For more information, please contact us at admin@affilia-net.com

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