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About Affilia-Net

Affilia-Net is an online affiliate network focus in the online gaming industry and the finance market. With more than 15 years of experience in these industries, Affilia-Net offers a wide variety of affiliate campaigns for these markets, such as sports betting campaigns, casinos, bingo, forex, binary, and even payment solutions.

Our long experience in the industry has taught us the importance of offering a first class quality customer service that is fast and efficient, combined with a total transparency which is exercised at all times. This approach allows us to gain the trust of our affiliates and partners. We recognize that in order for all parties to grow and win together, excellent communications at all stages is essential.

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As an affiliate, by joining the online affiliate network of Affilia-Net you can obtain great advantages:

  • From one affiliate account you will have access to a wide variety of campaigns from different brands to promote; and at the same time be able to keep control of the campaigns that you are promoting from one single affiliate platform.
  • Affilia-Net offers to its affiliates the power to create sub-ids to track their traffic and be able to monetize it. Private agreements for VIP members.
  • You will enjoy first class customer service.
  • Commission payments once a month.
  • There is no hidden cost, joining Affilia-Net as it is completely free.


The advertisers of Affilia-Net will also obtain great advantages and benefits:

  • From just one point of contact, your brand will be exposed among all the affiliates that are part of our affiliate network.
  • Your brand will be promoted according to the type of campaign and traffic you want, offering different categories such as: sports betting, casino, bingo, Forex, Binary Options, payment solutions, among others.
  • At Affilia-Net you will find a business partner with whom to work together to achieve the expected ROI.
  • Your traffic will be adapted to your requirements, since we have a wide variety of affiliate partners, for example, members with organic traffic, who promote in various social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Instagram, among others), those that they do PPC campaigns, email marketing, etc.
  • Your campaign can be promoted globally or in the countries you choose.

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